Solent University vs University of Southampton Women’s Rugby

Solent University 53-10 University of Southampton

As I had done some sports photography before, although that was cricket, I knew what to expect and had an idea of the camera settings to use, which was helpful to me when beginning the game. However, rugby is a lot more fast paced than cricket so I had to be able to adapt to changes in light and react to the players’ moves very quickly. From photographing cricket games previously, I knew that I had to take a more ‘fly on the wall’ approach as I couldn’t direct the players during the game. This also meant that I had to be very observant to get the right shots because there wouldn’t be another opportunity to gather the same shots and positioning.

After contacting one of the players on Solent’s team, I organised going to the game to photograph their game against University of Southampton on Wednesday November 14.

They wanted the photos sending over to the team member I initially contacted within a few days, after I had selected and edited the photos, so after the game on Wednesday, I did an initial sort through the photos, and on the Friday I edited and uploaded the photos for the team.

Halfway through the game, we had to change pitches because one of the girls was injured. On the second pitch, I was now photographing towards the sun rather than away, so I had to adapt to this quickly because the game started as soon as the girls were on the pitch.


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