Reflecting on Audio from First Year

Before I began creating my audio documentary, I looked back on my feedback from my previous audio assignment to reflect on this so I know how to improve my work in the future. For my audio piece last year, I received an A4, which I was very happy with. I also received some very useful constructive criticism, which I will use to hopefully create a higher quality audio piece this year.

“A really good effort that manages to fulfil all the criteria that I asked to students to meet. It is well engineered, thoughtfully constructed and gives a good insight into the society.”


Technical Competence A4 No errors technically other than wind noise on the location recording but I have heard that on national radio.
Professionalism and Preparation A4 Podcast shows the preparation put into it and apart from the voxpop reflects everything I taught over the course
Design and Development A3 Material selection and ordering excellent.
Analytical Imagination A4 Managed to combine commercial, intellectual and aesthetic content with a pertinent form
Creativity A3 Full of nice touches which show ambition and demonstrate flair
Overall A4

Two of the main criticisms were about my voxpops, and not making enough pauses between sentences.

  • “Take a beat between each sentence so what you have said can sink in.”
  • “The voxpops are not classically correct but you do get a range of responses that sound like you’re getting the views of the public.”

I also forgot to credit after one of my main sections – but this was my main interview – and I also stated that it was an interview, but these mistakes are very easily to avoid this year through being more careful with my script writing.

From this feedback, I also know that I have to create more spacing or pauses between sentences throughout my audio piece, as when I was editing I removed too many of these, making my introduction sound rushed.

In regards to my voxpops, John said that they weren’t focused enough questions, so if I include voxpops in my audio documentary this year, I should ask one question and keep these separate from other voxpops I may include. Another issue with my voxpops was that there was too much wind in the background, so I need to be more aware of this when recording audio on location.

My more successful sections of marking were for my creativity and design and development, a well as my music choices. So, I feel that if I improve my work based on this feedback, while staying as organised with my planning and preparation as I did last year, I should create a very successful audio piece.

Critical Reflection

For my critical reflection I received a B3, which was lower than my practical audio grade. While I was still fairly pleased with this outcome, I felt that the grade could have been better so that my overall grade would have been a better outcome. To improve on this, I am also reflecting on the feedback for this piece of work.

“A well written account that exhibits descriptive reflection and some dialogic reflection and included a review of other practitioners working on similar projects.”

My feedback stated that I should include more dialogic reflection, so I should say reasons for why things happened, and how they contributed to events.  John also mentioned that I need to write a more critical review, evidencing that in different circumstances, some issues would need different solutions. However, my feedback did say that I had good descriptive reflection and I included how I could improve in future projects.

Throughout my previous project, I kept detailed notes with dates and details of events that impacted our work. This was very useful when it came to writing my critical reflection because I could be more precise, and made sure to include key events, so I will continue to do this while I create my audio documentary.

In conclusion, the feedback I received was very helpful for both of the pieces of work for how I can improve my work and grades in the future, and I will be instituting as many of these changes as I can in my work or my audio documentary.

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