Short Film Post Production

Post production is more than simply cutting together footage. For our short film, we had to create a soundscape, record sound effects, add music, even audio levels, colour grade, as well as cutting together different angles of footage to pull together our shots so that it was smooth and not jarring to watch. I believe we did this effectively to create a successful short film that fitted our brief.

When we started this project we wrote up an initial time frame and plan for dates we wanted to film and edit. During this, we made sure to leave two weeks after our initial filming day to go over footage and begin a rough cut, leaving us time to do re-shoots if necessary. It was good that we left this time because we had to re-shoot some sections, record pickups, as well as shoot the outside shots, but we were effective doing this task because even after this we still had over a week to finalise our edit.

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Mid Point Evaluation – Short Film

For this semester’s project, we have to make a short drama fiction piece 5-8 minutes in length. This includes writing the script, planning pre-production, filming, and the post-production.

There are 4 of us working on this assignment and as our first decision to stay organised and work efficiently, we allocated the following roles within the group : Screenwriter, Director, Director of Photography, and Editor.

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Casting for a Short Film

For this assignment, we had to create a 5-8 minute short fiction film, which we made about a man with a gambling addiction. For our main cast, we needed to cast the lead – a male, the gambling addict – and a female, his girlfriend.

To start the casting process, we created a one pager to briefly describe the film and give some information about the characters, and posted this with a casting call on the Solent Casting Lounge Facebook page. We had a fair amount of responses to this, so after reviewing people’s show reels, we contacted the person we thought would be most appropriate.

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Issues we could encounter Producing our Short Film

To try to prevent any major issues arising during our production of this short film, we set out a plan and checklist of pre- and post-production jobs. You can read more about both pre-production and post-production in some of my other blog posts.

To gain a better idea of what issues we could encounter during our production, I looked around on the internet at many different sources to try to get a wide number of issues to prepare for. This preparation will hopefully make our filming a post-production go very smoothly with as few concerns as possible.
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How has TV changed society?

Is TV watching antisocial?

Some believe that binge watching is an antisocial act in today’s society, which doesn’t seem too farfetched. Binging is often an independent act, taking time away from the time that you could be spending with other people. After conducting interviews for my audio documentary, I gained some people’s opinions about binge watching. One reply said that they never binge watch with other people, because either they watch ahead or someone else does, and they wouldn’t even share this with their boyfriend. 

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