How has TV changed society?

Is TV watching antisocial?

Some believe that binge watching is an antisocial act in today’s society, which doesn’t seem too farfetched. Binging is often an independent act, taking time away from the time that you could be spending with other people. After conducting interviews for my audio documentary, I gained some people’s opinions about binge watching. One reply said that they never binge watch with other people, because either they watch ahead or someone else does, and they wouldn’t even share this with their boyfriend. 

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How has the Birth of the Internet changed TV?

There were several points that I wanted to research in relation to my audio documentary surrounding the subject of how TV viewing has changed in the last fifty year since the birth of the internet.

Online Streaming 

Online streaming and on demand viewing is becoming increasingly popular with audiences today. It is a lot more desirable to be able to choose more specifically what you want to watch and when, rather than having to wait and watch a show at a certain time, often with advert breaks throughout.
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Reflecting on Audio from First Year

Before I began creating my audio documentary, I looked back on my feedback from my previous audio assignment to reflect on this so I know how to improve my work in the future. For my audio piece last year, I received an A4, which I was very happy with. I also received some very useful constructive criticism, which I will use to hopefully create a higher quality audio piece this year.

“A really good effort that manages to fulfil all the criteria that I asked to students to meet. It is well engineered, thoughtfully constructed and gives a good insight into the society.”

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Making a Documentary

I am currently in the process of creating an audio documentary about how the internet has affected tv viewing in the last 50 years. While I have previously made a video Meta Documentary, I haven’t made an audio documentary before. To start off the process of making my documentary, there were several things I needed to consider.

Initial ideas

The brief I was given was to create an audio documentary celebrating the 50th anniversary of the birth of the internet. Because this was a very wide brief, I started by creating a mind map of my initial ideas, and from this I decided to create my documentary about online streaming.
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“Cutting the Cord” on traditional TV

The concept of ‘cutting the cord’ is cancelling and removing any paid cable TV services, such as Virgin, Sky, BT, etc. In 2008, 0.9 million US families relied solely on the internet for their tv viewing, but in 2017, 22.2 million families now relied on the internet, a 33.2% increase from previous year (Fry 2017, p.11). Some viewers see online paid subscription services, such as Netflix, Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime, Hayu and Hulu, as a more worthwhile payment than cable services for several reasons.

Device viewing has increased drastically in the last few years, people are now watching television shows on-the-go, or simply in their own homes while either in a room that doesn’t have a traditional TV set or while multitasking. There has been an uptake in apps on mobiles and tablets encouraging on-the-go viewing, such as Netflix’s download feature. Even the popular free video uploading service Youtube is introducing a Premium service where users can view without adverts and download videos for offline viewing.
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