Freelance – ‘Shoe and Tell’ Workshop

From July to November of 2017 I took part in an exhibition about teenage identity and how a person’s shoes represent themselves. I was a photographer for Dr. Naomi Braithwaite at Nottingham Trent University, taking photos at one of her focus group discussions. I was a part of this focus group myself, discussing three pairs of my own shoes and how I felt that these represent my own identity.
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Photography – Wearable Electronics Workshop at NTU

On September 15 2017, I was the photographer for a fashion workshop about wearable electronics at Nottingham Trent University, run by Angharad Maclaran for her researchers; some staff were present, as well as PhD students (Advanced Textiles students and Engineering students). You can view my photos from this event here.

At the beginning of the workshop, everyone was introduced, as well as the subject matter. The ‘electric’ bra photographed below was bought on Amazon to conduct the teardown as part of the department’s research into wearable electronics.

Product Teardowns 

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