What is Documentary and Molly Dineen

What is documentary

One of the key media forms that people go to when interested in learning about a subject is documentaries. Because of this, a lot of documentaries will present themselves as fact to their audience.

While most documentaries will conduct thorough research into their subject matter before sharing a film with an audience, there are other filmmakers that will not have done such in-depth work and will present their own opinion as fact.

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Sequence Analysis – Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent Seven Battle Sequence

This excerpt is a battle scene sequence from the film The Magnificent Seven (2016).

There are 133 shots used in this 3 minute sequence, with almost all of those shots lasting less than a second.

“Action sequences are a key reason for the success of the Western and gangster genres.” (Dancyger, 2002)

“They are often turning points or climactic scenes in films.” (Dancyger, 2002)

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Documentary Research and Final Edit

Research is an essential part of documentary filmmaking and isn’t only conducted before a documentary is made, but throughout the whole process. This ensures that the documentary is as accurate and factually correct as possible. Information found throughout the creation process will influence how the documentary is written, filmed and edited and is an important feature of making a documentary, no matter what the subject field or the “mode” of documentary (Aldredge, 2016). Producers have to be aware of the information that they are presenting to their audience and whether it is correct and informed. If research is not conducted thoroughly throughout the making of a documentary and false information is included, filmmakers can be sued for misinforming an audience.

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Documentary Podcast

‘Short cuts – Witness’

‘Josie Long hears stories of bearing witness – from glimpsing the moment a parent changes to escaping a violent storm.’


Structure/effectiveness – Split into three main sections – separate stories related by the episode title – ‘Witness’. Roughly split into thirds and broken up by a narrator/host. Opens with music/theme song, including tag line – ‘brief encounters, true stories’. Introduction from the host includes pull quotes from the last two segments. Documentary style, not interviews, but speakers will have been given questions/subjects to answer/guidance. The majority of the show is single person narrator, never people talking to each other when more than one person. Narrator ends each segment by summarising/concluding the story as well as information about who was talking and who they were talking to. Continue reading “Documentary Podcast”



My name is Emily Cole and I’m from Lichfield in Staffordshire. I am currently studying Media Culture & Production at Southampton Solent University. I previously studied Media, Photography, History and Psychology A Levels in sixth form at The Friary School.

My main interests are television and photography, and I have previously done freelance photography work for Nottingham Trent University, as well as having had some work published in local magazines and newspapers. However, I didn’t just want to focus on a degree exclusively in this field as I wanted to explore a wider range of media production as well as the cultural impact.